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What does “Pro Se” mean?

If you represent yourself in a legal matter, you are said to be acting “pro se.”

For financial reasons mainly, and because of the increasing corruption and incompetence in the legal field, more and more Americans are appearing in court on their own behalf, or on behalf of a loved one or even a friend.

What is Pro Se Alliance?

Pro Se Alliance is a nonprofit organization dedicated to ensuring justice for all Americans who seek it. We are funded by our members (join here) and by donations of money, and we are currently operating solely by donations of time. In the future, we will have an online store where you can purchase low-cost how-to-books, so you can quickly learn how to write and file a lawsuit and a "motion," how to do "discovery," and how to otherwise represent yourself "pro se." You'll also be able to support the cause in the future by purchasing merchandise, services, and other items designed to assist pro se litigants.

This website is being constructed as your one-stop site to learn, research, network and find help for representing yourself in legal matters. Whether you are just starting out or are an experienced pro se litigant, in the near future, you will find all you need here.

In addition to educating non-attorneys, Pro Se Alliance will also help the poor exercise their rights in the legal system, will aid crime victims and victims of injustice in securing their rights, will investigate corruption in our courts and government offices, and will sue those "fixing" or obstructing justice.

The “Alliance”

We seek to build an "Alliance" of like-minded Americans and groups all across our country, to fulfill our mission, and, at the same time, to take back our courts and government offices from those using them to racketeer, criminalize, oppress and discriminate against individuals, especially the self-represented, and to ripoff American taxpayers.

The Alliance will be made up of non-attorneys, victims of injustice, crime victims, parents, families, friends and relatives, patriots, wrongly disbarred lawyers, disgruntled government employees, groups, businesses, and many others in all walks of life, working together to ensure justice for all Americans willing to learn, to follow the law, to be professional, and to take whatever legal action necessary to obtain justice for ourselves, for our families, for our communities, and for our nation.

Among functions too numerous to be foretold, the Alliance will help each other with their cases; will assist neglected crime victims in obtaining proper investigations and crime victim services; will pursue solutions to "Parental Alienation" and other forms of child abuse and domestic violence; will sue to end the "case fixing" rampantly taking place all across the United States in family law and in the criminal justice system; and will collaborate on landmark cases against state and federal bureaucrats, challenging their unconstitutional actions and seeking damages for their victims.

Together, you and we are the Alliance.


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Our Mission

Pro Se Alliance has a five-fold mission:
Every member of the Alliance will play a role in the success of our mission...

First, we educate Americans to represent themselves in legal matters.

Second, we provide free services to the poor to help them exercise their rights.

Third, we assist victims of injustice in the judicial system.

Fourth, we educate the public on new forms of child abuse and domestic violence being perpetuated in family law matters; and we advocate for the prevention of these forms of cruelty against children and parents.

And fifth, we investigate official misconduct and take whatever legal action necessary to fully rectify and remedy the misconduct.


If you are a victim of court-sponsored "Parental Alienation"; "case fixing" in family law or in the criminal justice system or in any state or federal court; corruption at Child Protective Services or in Child Support Enforcement; neglect or obstruction of justice by local, state or federal law enforcement; "misprision of felony" by officials who look the other way; or any other crime or civil offense; register in the "Project #1-Nationwide Investigation" right away ...


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