January 3, 2017


When you join Pro Se Alliance you will receive a FREE PDF copy of the handshake300wfounder's book, "THE PEOPLE'S BRANCH - The Fourth Branch of Government," a FREE PDF copy of PSA's Constitution of the United States, Bill of Rights & All 27 Amendments, and Declaration of Independence; you will have access to Lessons to teach you how to sue, how to write and file a "motion," how to do discovery, etc., and to the founder's cases, both state and federal; and the founder will call you to help you get started.

In addition, when PSA's store is launched, all members will receive discounts on merchandise and services!


Individual Membership - $29.95/year: Individual Members will have access to most of the content that will be available on our website, including PSA Academy and a comprehensive forum; will find all the tools and programs needed to represent themselves in most legal matters; and will have access to our referral network of local service providers and volunteers for further assistance.

Family Membership - $59.95/year: Immediate Family Members (Mom, Dad, and children) will receive the same benefits as Individual Members.

Premium Membership - $99.95/year: In addition to products and services provided to all members, Premium Members will have access to PSA's directors and principal officers; will be first in line for directorships, paid-positions, and independent contracts; will be able to offer and advertise their related services (if approved) to other members; will be listed (if they wish and if approved) on our referral list of local service providers; and will be able to participate at a higher level in PSA's and the founder's legal actions (see below under "Other Perks...").

Premium Family Membership - $129.95/year: Immediate Family Members (Mom, Dad, and children) will receive the same benefits as Premium Members.

Prefer to mail your payment?

If you would prefer to pay your annual membership fee by mail, send your check or money order to:

          Pro Se Alliance
          P.O. Box 301
          Madison Lake, MN 56063

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Pro Se Alliance is a 501(c)(3) Public Charity!
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