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Where "Common Lawyers" learn the Real Law, so they can stand toe-to-toe with Civil Lawyers in their "Legal System"!

What does “Pro Se” Mean?

If you represent yourself in a legal matter, you are said to be acting “pro se.”

We’re under “Reconstruction”!

Pro Se Alliance is a nonprofit organization dedicated to ensuring justice for all Americans who seek it. Our website is under "reconstruction" to better serve the self-represented. Your continued support makes a huge difference ...

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Our Mission

Pro Se Alliance has a five-fold mission:
Every member of the Alliance will play a role in the success of our mission...

First, we educate Americans to represent themselves in legal matters.

Second, we provide free services to the poor to help them exercise their rights.

Third, we assist victims of injustice in the judicial system.

Fourth, we educate the public on new forms of child abuse and domestic violence being perpetuated in family law matters; and we advocate for the prevention of these forms of cruelty against children and parents.

And fifth, we investigate official misconduct and take whatever legal action necessary to fully rectify and remedy the misconduct.


If you cannot find answers to your questions on this site's pages, feel free to contact us below. Our website will be under “reconstruction” for a month or two to better serve you. If you are a member, your membership will be extended for the downtime. Thank you for your continued support!