(Counties of Carver, Dakota, Goodhue, Le Sueur, McLeod, Scott and Sibley)

Under the leadership of the current and former chief judges of Minnesota’s First Judicial District over the past several years, and possibly decade(s), most criminal cases and many family law cases have been “fixed” to benefit the state, by judges, county attorneys, prosecutors, public defenders, clerks, child support enforcement officials, law enforcement officials, and others.

Tens-of-thousands of criminal defendants have been over-charged, over-fined, over-sentenced, over-paroled, over-supervised, over-treated, and otherwise ripped off to pad the state’s numbers for extra federal funding. Billions have been stolen from federal taxpayers and extorted from local citizens.

One of the biggest scams is the denial of counsel at the defendant’s first appearance. Thousands of indigent criminal defendants have been told that no public defenders are available and that they will be held in jail until the next available court date, which many times is days, weeks and even months later. This is done because the state receives a sizable-amount of taxpayer money for each night each inmate spends in jail, and the county gets a sizable-portion of the state’s take.

In family law, the biggest scam is to jack up child support orders and deny modification, which is conspired and carried out by corrupt judges, county attorneys, child support enforcement officials, and clerks.

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