Most of us now know from the news a little about the “Deep State.” But are you aware that a Deep State is necessary—especially in this technological day and age—to protect us from our enemies?

The problem is that, like our once united States of America, our Deep State for the most part has been taken over too. A quiet civil war has been waged for decades between “Deep State Patriots” and “Deep State Traitors,” who had, for the most part until Donald Trump was elected our President in 2016, incrementally taken over our “free” press, our courts and government offices for the most part, our resources, our economy, our banking, our currency, our healthcare—etc., etc., etc—i.e., our very way of life.

And what very few know is that the incremental treason is not confined to Washington D.C. Deep State Traitors have infiltrated government offices from coast-to-coast. In fact, many of our state and federal courts and offices have been taken over and are being operated like a mafia.

Every year, millions of court cases and administrative actions are “fixed” to benefit bureaucrats-turned-governmental-racketeers, and hundreds-of-billions of dollars are stolen from us—’under color of law’—via a multitude of federally-funded programs and services, and laundered into the pockets of friends and relatives running nonprofits, “quasi-governmental” agencies, and other government subcontractors.

This page begins to expose said nationwide governmental racketeering and treason. .

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1. “Case Fixing” – Extortion ‘Under Color of Law’
2. The Goal of the Racketeers is to Criminalize You
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“Case Fixing” – Extortion ‘Under Color of Law’

The Main Means to the Main End: Governmental Theft.

Other than unconstitutional taxation, the main method of extorting from the American People is through the courts ‘under color of law’. Nearly every court case is “fixed” in one way or another these days.

Whether you are fighting a traffic ticket, facing a criminal charge, getting divorced, or acting on behalf of a minor or elder, you are likely up against an army of “case fixing criminals” and other racketeers who are running their own local racket, like the ‘Kids for Cash’ judges, or who are more likely being paid off by our foreign and domestic enemies (“Deep State traitors“) to “fix” court cases and administrative cases, not only to benefit the racketeers but also to advance one of the Deep State’s insidious agendas, such as to break apart American families.

In fact, many corrupt judges and officials make far more than their salaries to aid in the racketeering, some making millions ‘under the table’ while acting ‘under color of law’ to dupe the public into believing that they are just doing their jobs.

Court cases are fixed to increase profits and federal funding.

Cases are fixed in a variety of ways by judges, attorneys, prosecutors, public defenders, guardian ad litems, law enforcement officials, child support enforcement officials, and other officers of the court; and by court reporters, court administrators, probation and parole agents, treatment specialists, and other court cronies; who are willing to commit crimes such as fraud upon the court, mail fraud, perjury, subornation of perjury, extortion, conspiracy against rights, deprivation of due process and other rights, acting outside authority, issuing false orders and fictitious obligations, etc., or who are willing to obstruct justice or influence the proper administration of law by refusing to investigate, refusing to apprehend, refusing to charge, or otherwise neglecting official duties, executing false arrest warrants and serving other unlawful orders, processing fictitious obligations, manufacturing evidence, framing defendants, falsifying documents, altering records or accounts, tampering with witnesses, denying access to the court system, etc.

Case fixing is never done out of ignorance or inadvertence – it is a willful, conspired, calculated, treasonous crime.

One of the best examples of case fixing is the infamous ‘Kids for Cash‘ case in Pennsylvania, which resulted in the convictions of two state judges, one of whom was sentenced to 28-years in prison!

Colorado and Minnesota are also becoming notorious for judges who are rampantly fixing court cases, with total impunity and immunity, as law enforcement and the states’ highest officials look the other way.

For current real life examples of the case fixing, start here.

VICTIMS OF INJUSTICE: As you read through the detailed information in the sections below, you will likely be able to relate to one or more of the statements of fact, because it actually happened to you or to a loved one. Jot it down and write a brief description of how it took place in your case; then, in the future, you will be able to fill out a criminal complaint from the comfort of your home, which will hopefully be submitted to legitimate investigators in your jurisdiction, once they join in the mass-movement to expose and oust the wicked from our courts and government offices.

Case Fixing in Family Law:

Tens-of-thousands of family law ‘professionals’ churn and fix court cases and administrative proceedings, especially in divorce, for extra profits and federal funding.

Once the corrupt officers of the courts have the families’ financial information, they pit the parents against each other in unnecessary and unlawful custody battles until they are broke, unconstitutionally subclass one of the parents as noncustodial, and deviate from the presumptions of equality to jack up the child support orders; dole out restraining orders like candy; fill up the jails with distraught parents; and engage in many other illegal “case fixing tactics”; all designed to pad their numbers for state and federal funding, from which, many of the racketeers have found ways to line their own pockets.

And once the family is broken and separated, many of the unfairly classed noncustodial parents, normally the ‘breadwinners’ and therefore normally the fathers, are forced to fight non-stop to see their children and to maintain contact with them, are blocked from modifying their child support and denied access to the courts, and are treated like criminals and obstructed by law enforcement in their pursuit of justice and protection for their families.

There is a huge incentive for the courts and officers of the court, human service offices and child support enforcement and child protection officials, police departments and sheriff offices, and many other local and state offices and officials, to criminalize noncustodial parents and cook their books to cheat the system to obtain more state and federal funding than they deserve.

Family law judges are ignoring legitimate family laws, common law precedence and the Ninth and Fourteenth Amendments to the Constitution of the United States, which protect our rights to equal parenting, and are blatantly deviating from controlling law, constitutional guarantees, and presumptions of equality and parental fitness, to purposely reduce the role of the noncustodial parent in the raising of his or her children because it will jack up the child support order and result in increased funding for the local courts and government offices.

Family law judges are also ignoring basic parental rights and familial rights, which, although not explicitly mentioned in the Constitution, were well-established by centuries of English common law and by our Founding Fathers, formed the very foundation of the Constitution itself, have been regarded as fundamental to the pursuit of happiness in the United States, and have been upheld in just courts throughout our history.

All states also have laws and precedence to protect parental rights, children’s rights, and the institution of the family, which are often ignored by judicial officials, who use instead illegitimate family laws produced by corrupt legislators to maximize profits and funding, to break apart families, and to harass and oppress the noncustodial parents and other victims of their treasonous crimes.

Many local, state and federal officials, including high-ranking officials, know all about the case fixing in family law, but look the other way so their state and their offices will receive larger and larger appropriations from Congress each year.

Millions of divorced and divorcing American parents have been unconstitutionally sub-classed as noncustodial parents over the past several decades and intentionally harmed and oppressed (and are therefore entitled to compensation for their injuries).

Millions of American children have been forced to grow up without one or both of their parents, as part of the scheme (and are therefore entitled to compensation for their injuries).

And although many of the custodial parents capitalized on their new-found status and essentially partnered with our domestic enemies to take advantage of and oppress their ex-spouses, some are themselves victims of the case fixing in family law (and are entitled to compensation for their injuries along with their ex-spouse and their children).

Case Fixing in the Criminal Justice System:

Tens-of-thousands of criminal justice system ‘professionals’, including judges, prosecutors, public defenders, law enforcement officials, parole and probation agents, ‘treatment’ specialists, and other court cronies, are framing criminal defendants and fixing court cases for extra profits and federal funding.

Many criminal defendants are known to be innocent of the charges, but are prosecuted anyway.

Nearly all criminal defendants are ignorant in the law.

Nearly all criminal defendants are first framed at their bail hearing as a ‘flight risk’ to jack up the cash bail orders; whatever cash bail is posted usually becomes the price of the plea deal; and many times only a small fraction of the paid cash bails and plea deal fines are recorded and the rest is divvied up between the racketeers.

Most plea deals offered to poor defendants are conspired upon by their public defenders and the prosecutors to benefit the state; whoever cannot pay the cash bail or the plea deal fines will likely spend an excessive amount of time in jail or prison so that the county, state and federal offices involved can at least maximize their federal funding.

There are huge incentives for the courts and officers of the court, including the judges, the prosecutors, the public defenders, the parole and probation agents, counselors and treatment specialists, local law enforcement, and many other local and state offices and officials, to conspire and work together to make false arrests, to issue unwarranted restraining orders, to frame innocent citizens and other criminal defendants for excessive sentences, to intimidate suspects into accepting unfair plea deals, and to fill up and maintain full capacity at the local jails; and, when their victims complain, the racketeers turn them away, mislead them, deny them crime victim services, obstruct justice, deny access to the courts, treat them like they are the criminals, and do whatever it takes to keep the truth off the record.

Many involved in the criminal justice system pad their numbers for extra state and federal funding, from which many of the racketeers have found ways to line their own pockets.

Thousands of innocent criminal defendants are incarcerated each year.

Millions of criminal defendants are subjected to excessive bail, excessive jail and prison terms, excessive treatment, and excessive parole and probation terms each year to maximize funding.

Billions of dollars are extorted each year from the innocent, the poor, the young, the old, the ignorant, the pro se, child support debtors, and other criminal defendants.

The rights of the accused are violated millions of times each year.

Crime victims’ rights are denied millions of times each year.

And many local, state and federal officials, including high-ranking officials, know all about the case fixing in the criminal justice system, but look the other way so their office will receive larger and larger appropriations from Congress each year.

“Case Fixing Tactics” being used by the racketeers against parents, pro se litigants, criminal defendants, the young, the old, the ignorant, crime victims, and nearly everyone else:

Corrupt Judges:

  • “Impute” income to jack up child support orders;
  • Lower a fit parent’s parenting time to jack up child support orders;
  • Dole out restraining orders like candy;
  • Allow perjury and other fraud upon the court;
  • Promote fraud upon the court;
  • Commit fraud upon the court in their orders;
  • Suppress evidence;
  • Ignore evidence of criminal misconduct and prosecutorial misconduct;
  • Ignore precedence;
  • Deviate from the presumptions of equal custody, decision making, parenting time, etc., without a showing of parental unfitness;
  • Refuse to enforce visitation orders, but enforce custody orders;
  • Deviate from the presumption of truth in affidavits without cause or reason;
  • Deny applications by indigents for fee waiver status, deny applications for crime victim services to victims, and refuse services to criminal defendants;
  • Criminalize child support ‘debtors’;
  • Order excessive bail and require ‘cash-only’ payments;
  • Hold criminal defendants without bail to maximize jail time for federal funding;
  • Issue false arrest warrants;
  • Deny access to the court system;
  • Label pro se litigants, and victims that fight back, “frivolous” and “vexatious.”

Corrupt Attorneys:

  • Learn of the parents’ finances from their Financial Affidavits, conspire with opposing counsel, and churn the case until both parents are broke;
  • Lie about all material facts;
  • Pit moms against dads in phony “custody battles” knowing they are fit parents and entitled to equal time;
  • Encourage domestic violence scams;
  • Encourage “Parental Alienation” and other child abuses to turn the kids against their other parent;
  • Break up the family in any way imaginable;
  • Sacrifice as many childhoods and parenthoods as possible to become rich.

Corrupt Prosecutors:

  • Label all defendants a ‘flight-risk’ to jack up the bail orders and maximize extortions;
  • Put say 10% of the cash bails posted on the books and divvy up 90% with the other racketeers;
  • Refuse to dismiss cases that ‘ought not to be prosecuted’;
  • Refuse to answer counterclaims;
  • Refuse to answer discovery requests;
  • Knowingly advance false facts;
  • Knowingly advance cases without establishing probable cause;
  • Invent probable cause;
  • Knowingly advance cases without jurisdiction;
  • Assume jurisdiction; knowingly advance fallacious arguments;
  • Openly commit fraud upon the court;
  • Knowingly violate their oaths of office, both as an attorney and as a prosecutor;
  • Withhold exculpatory evidence;
  • Participate in the altering of exhibits;
  • Threaten and intimidate defendants and their relatives to take unfair plea-deals in favor of the state, which many times are designed to be the maximum fines, jail time, and ‘treatment’ accessible by law for the charge if they were found guilty by a jury.

Corrupt Public Defenders:

  • Refuse to do anything to defend;
  • Refuse to do anything in writing;
  • Refuse to move for dismissal, challenge probable cause, challenge jurisdiction, etc.;
  • Refuse to obtain transcripts;
  • Refuse to do discovery;
  • Refuse to subpoena any witnesses;
  • Refuse to file court documents, or just present them in court so the clerks can throw them away;
  • Make only verbal statements in court and only statements that will benefit the racketeers;
  • Intentionally fail to object to undermine any appeals;
  • Participate in the altering of exhibits;
  • Scare their ‘clients’ and their clients’ relatives with large fines and long prison sentences if they don’t take the unfair plea-deals designed to be the maximum fines, jail time, and ‘treatment’ accessible by law for the charge if the defendant were found guilty by a jury;
  • Answer clients’ questions with “We’ll talk about it in court,” and then scare the client on his day in court so that he will relinquish his bail money for the plea-deal conspired with the prosecutor.

Corrupt Law Enforcement Officials:

  • Refuse to look at evidence;
  • Refuse to do investigations;
  • Refuse equal protection;
  • Refuse crime victim services;
  • Tell crime victims that they should get an attorney to correctly report the crimes;
  • Help paint the ‘breadwinner’ in divorces as a bad parent;
  • Manufacture evidence against criminal defendants;
  • Payoff snitches or pad their commissary accounts to rat out their friends and relatives;
  • Knowingly make false arrests;
  • Shakedown criminal defendants while in jail;
  • Threaten and intimidate the accused and their relatives to help facilitate the unfair plea-deals for the other corrupt officers of the court, to maximize fines, jail time, treatment, and other lucrative money making strategies of the racketeers.

Corrupt State & Federal Clerks:

  • Deny access to the judicial system;
  • Refuse to file court documents;
  • Refuse to provide court forms;
  • Refuse to seal subpoenas;
  • Refuse to serve complaints for indigents;
  • Throw away or misplace indigents’ IFP applications and other court documents;
  • Alter the Docket or ‘Register of Actions’ when decisions are appealed;
  • List the motions and other pleadings of pro se litigants as “Other Document” to help fix appeals;
  • Rename or renumber exhibits, or lump several exhibits under one number, so some or all can be withheld in the event of appeal.

Corrupt Court Reporters:

  • Refuse to produce transcripts;
  • Alter transcripts when decisions are appealed;
  • Provide timely transcripts to custodial parents, prosecutors, and plaintiffs, but delay transcripts for months or deny altogether for noncustodial parents, defendants, indigents, pro se litigants, etc.

Corrupt Probation/Parole Officers:

  • “Violate” their clients for noncompliance knowing they are innocent;
  • Invent charges;
  • Manufacture evidence;
  • Deny due processes;
  • Cause the “offenders”’ re-incarceration on known false charges.

Corrupt Child Support Enforcement Officials:

  • Refuse to verify facts, review, adjust, modify, and other due processes related to child support;
  • Invent false facts;
  • Refuse to disclose custodial parent’s application and cover up fraud;
  • Refuse to credit payments;
  • Alter Title IV-D accounts;
  • Refuse to correct interstate accounts under the guise of the ‘full faith and credit’ laws;
  • Steal and extort from the noncustodial parents;
  • Lien and levy bank accounts without due process, even kids’ trust accounts if held under S.S.# of noncustodial parent;
  • Send Lien & Levy Notices to the bank, but hold the noncustodial parents’ notices so they will miss the appeal period;
  • Levy bank accounts repeatedly just to increase federal funding;
  • Suspend driver’s licenses without due process;
  • Refuse to use appropriate discretion to reinstate driver’s licenses when warranted;
  • Report known false arrears balances to credit reporting agencies without due process;
  • Commit and suborn perjury;
  • Increase support collection without notice or hearing;
  • Then garnish from paycheck;
  • Allow custodial parents to use child support money for expenses not related to child care;
  • Deny modification unless unemployed noncustodial parent can prove they are mentally or physically incapacitated.

Corrupt Child Protective Services (CPS) Officials:

  • Deny due process and equal protection if contacted by the noncustodial parent;
  • Ignore the child abuse laws when contacted by the noncustodial parent;
  • Refuse to investigate child abuse reports by noncustodial parents;
  • Refuse to interview the witnesses of noncustodial parents;
  • Ask the kids leading questions during investigations and misquote them in reports if they say anything nice about the noncustodial parent;
  • Manufacture evidence;
  • Commit and suborn perjury;
  • Defraud law enforcement and the courts for the custodial parent.

Other Corrupt ‘Court Cronies’ Involved in the Racketeering:

  • Guardian Ad Litems (GALs);
  • “Child and Family Investigators” (CFIs);
  • Custody Evaluators;
  • Psychologists;
  • Women’s Shelters;
  • Mediators;
  • ‘Alternative Dispute Resolution’ personnel;
  • ‘Counselors’ and ‘Treatment’ Specialists.

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