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In my pursuit of justice and protection for my family (from further harm by the Deep State), I thought I had seen everything until I attempted to file and record documents in Olmsted County, Minnesota–where I was born and my “strawman” was “birthed,” where my trade and commerce in Minnesota were totally blocked, and where Minnesota’s “Deep State traitors” are very obviously engaging in “governmental racketeering” and will apparently do anything to cover it up.

First, in 2017, I submitted my NOTICE OF ESTATE ENTITLEMENT to the state court administrator in Olmsted County, Charles L. Kjos, who, after obviously reading my documents and deciding for himself that my effort to reclaim my birthrights would not happen in Olmsted County, actually unfiled my documents, twice, and sent them back to me, committing several serious state and federal crimes (see Criminal Complaint in PDF below).

I reported KJOS‘s crimes, with evidence, to Olmsted County Sheriff Kevin E. Torgerson, who handed the case off to Captain Scott C. Behrns, but both, apparently in conspiracy against my rights together and with KJOS, deprived me of all services under “color” of law (two more crimes), and BEHRNS even sent me a fraudulent “copout” letter (mail fraud, deprivation, etc), with his false findings that KJOS wasn’t doing anything wrong, to get rid of me and my filing.

Olmsted County’s “governmental racketeers” struck my family again in 2019 when I recorded my AFFIDAVIT OF NOTICE OF ENTITLEMENT. After I left the Olmsted County Government Center in Rochester, Property Records & Licensing manager Jennifer Fibison removed my recorded document from the queue (committing state and federal crimes), and took it to the County Attorney’s office, where Senior Assistant County Attorney Thomas Canan and Assistant County Attorney Rachel Bohman (who lost her bid in 2014 to become Minnesota’s Secretary of State) conspired and rejected my recording (committing several more state and federal crimes).

My repeated calls to Olmsted County Attorney Mark A. Ostrem and County Administrator Heidi Welsch were ignored (adding several more crimes to the “crime spree” against my family).

And to top it all off, in an unsolicited voicemail from thug BEHRNS to end the matter and get rid of me again, he threatened to frame me on false charges if I don’t stop “harassing” the “workers” at the Government Center –– hear some of BEHRNS’ crimes for yourself:



The main crime sprees took place between January 2018 and November 2019.

My FIRST AFFIDAVIT OF INJURY Caused By Minnesota’s “Deep State Traitors and NOTICES OF INJURY & SETTLEMENT OFFERS were served by mail upon the “racketeers” and “franchises” (the corporate STATE OF MINNESOTA & COUNTY OF OLMSTED) in late-November 2019. No one refuted my “AOI-MN-1,” which therefore stands as the truth of the matters alleged therein; and no one settled my claims, and are therefore, by operation of the legitimate Laws of our Land, debtors to my family for all damages and all crimes.

My SECOND AFFIDAVIT OF INJURY Caused By Minnesota’s “Deep State Traitors and NOTICES OF INJURY & SETTLEMENT OFFERS were served by mail upon another racketeer and the STATE OF MINNESOTA franchise in late-December 2019. Neither the racketeer nor franchise refuted my “AOI-MN-2” or settled my claims, and therefore, by operation of the legitimate Laws of our Land, accept full liability and culpability.

In April 2020, I gave all 12 racketeers another opportunity to settle my claims at the bare-minimum of cost with my FINAL NOTICES, SETTLEMENT OFFERS, & DEMANDS, but again no one settled, and no one even cared enough about my accusations to visit this page and read my “Probable Cause Statements” against them.

Therefore, following the racketeers‘ settlement deadline on May 6, I began drafting my FIRST MASTER AFFIDAVIT OF INJURY Caused By Minnesota’s “Deep State Traitors (my “AOI-MN-1M“) and FINAL NOTICES, SETTLEMENT OFFERS, & DEMANDS” to the franchises, and finalized my FIRST CRIMINAL COMPLAINT v. Minnesota’s “Deep State Traitors (my “1CC v. MN“) for Minnesota Attorney General Keith Ellison, who I am giving a final opportunity to do his job, and U.S. Attorney for Minnesota Erica H. MacDonald.

And on June 11, 2020, I served all documents (see below) by mail upon both franchises, c/o Minnesota Governor Tim Walz and the Olmsted County Board of Commissioners, who have until July 3, 2020, to settle my claims according to the conditions of my “second and final” Settlement Offers to them.



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