June 10, 2015


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Our Mission   Our Vision

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Welcome to Pro Se Alliance!

My name is John Mark and I am the founder of Pro Se Alliance and THE PEOPLE’S BRANCH.
See Founder’s Letter below…

If you are contemplating representing yourself in a legal matter, you’ve come to the right place. Pro Se Alliance is brand new, but there are plans in the works to provide a full array of educational materials and tools to help you represent yourself in most legal matters and avoid legal actions against you and report illegal actions against you; a comprehensive forum where members will be able to find answers to virtually any question; and a nationwide network of local volunteers and service providers to help you prepare for your case.

Until our initial plans are realized, new members will receive a FREE PDF copy of my book, “THE PEOPLE’S BRANCH – The Fourth Branch of Government,” and a FREE PDF copy of PSA’s Constitution of the United States, Bill of Rights & All 27 Amendments, and Declaration of Independence. Visit the Membership page for details.

If you have some pro se experience and would like to broaden your horizons, or if you are a seasoned pro se litigant and would like to help others, or if you are a paralegal or private investigator or other trained professional and want to get on our referral list, excellent! Please become a member and see our Volunteers and Service Providers pages.

Or perhaps you’re here because you’re a victim of government abuse, or of “case fixing” in family law or the criminal justice system, or of the unchecked abuses of Child Protective Services. Know first that you are not alone. There are millions of us. If you or a loved one or a friend have suffered at the hands of our corrupt government, be sure to visit our Victims page.

Even if you have an attorney, Pro Se Alliance can help you save thousands of dollars in legal fees by educating you on the legal process so that you can drive a hard bargain with your lawyer, keep him or her on their toes, and ensure that your case is being moved along to the ends of justice in an efficient manner. Spend 30 minutes per night at PSA Academy or in our forums when up and running and you will be able to keep your attorney very honest!

Or maybe you’re here because you want to be a part of a nationwide Alliance of non-attorneys that will go after corrupt judges, officials, and offices; that will take back our courts and government agencies; and that will take on the traitors in our reclaimed courtrooms. That group is Pro Se Alliance!

Have a son or daughter or friend interested in law or business, or going through a divorce, or being alienated from their child(ren), or just needs someone who’s ‘been around the block’ to talk to or listen to? Membership in the Alliance makes a great gift!

Whatever your mission, Pro Se Alliance welcomes you as part of the team!

Be sure to read about Our Mission and Our Vision by clicking on the links above.

Work in progress

This website will be under construction for a few weeks, as we constantly add new features for our members.

If you would like to begin learning about the law, register for a free online course on our Constitution by Hillsdale College300wHillsdale College.

And, when you finish Constitution 101: The Meaning & History of the Constitution, take Constitution 201: The Progressive Rejection of the Founding & the Rise of Bureaucratic Despotism so you can begin to understand what is happening in our country, especially in our courts.


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AnimatedScalesKnowledge is power. For the cost of one hour with an average attorney, you’ll be ready in one weekend to represent yourself!

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Founder’s Letter

Dear Friends:

My five children and I are victims of extreme “Parental Alienation” and a level of government abuse that would make a good Hollywood movie. And, as a result, we have been separated from each other cutoff from all communications with each other for over a decade.

My family’s ordeal, which began in January 2005 when my wife filed for divorce, is summarized in my family’s multi-billion dollar lawsuit against our government – see the Introduction and Statement of the Case sections of our “MASTER CIVIL COMPLAINT” and our “First Subsequent Complaint.”

Everything I had from 25-years of backbreaking work – including my children, my semi-retirement, my paid-off home and business headquarters on 27 acres, my workshop, my business assets, my marital assets, my premarital assets, eight vehicles, my inheritances, and my personal property – was stolen from me; and, in addition, I was enslaved with an impossible child support order that was more than I was earning.

Despite my evidence proving that my child support obligations are paid-in-full and that, for that reason and many others, the divorce orders are void, I have been pursued like an animal to pay my child support again. And currently, my ex-wife and our government are working together to leave the child support matter unresolved, to dismiss all of my claims, and to continue brainwashing my children and our community against me, in a very grand conspired and concerted effort to keep me, and my evidence, out of Colorado.

Because of all this and because, as I now know, there are millions of other victims like us in the United States, I formed Pro Se Alliance and THE PEOPLE’S BRANCH. And through these organizations, if we band together, I believe we can take back our courts and government offices and obtain justice for our families.

When PSA Academy is up and running, I will be posting my family’s court documents so members can use them as examples for writing their own. Members will also see how to build a case by following the checklists in each of my family’s cases. In addition, I will be inviting members to participate in my family’s cases for a piece of the action. Our cases will be in Jefferson County Colorado, Le Sueur & Nicollet counties in Minnesota, and in Washington D.C., but some members will be able to work from home anywhere in the United States.

On another note, some of Pro Se Alliance’s most important work will be modeled after that of another nonprofit known as “Judicial Watch.” Take some time to visit their website and see how they investigate and build cases against corrupt federal officials in Washington. When the Alliance is strong — in numbers and in knowledge — we will be going after the “case fixers” and other corrupt local and state officials, all across the United States, in the same way.

And finally, know that whatever brought you here and whatever you are facing on the legal front, you are not alone; there are millions of victims of injustice and oppression and Parental Alienation and other forms of abuse that have no place in civilized society. The Alliance is designed to make a difference, but it will only succeed if it becomes a massive movement. Membership fees are set very low, so that all who want to be part of what may be one of the greatest grassroots movements in history can participate for a whole year for the cost of a bag of groceries or a tank of gas.

Join the Alliance today! And please invite your friends and relatives and help us spread the word by any means available.

My Best to You & Yours,