February 7, 2015


Welcome Victims!

Pro Se Alliance was created for you!

The founder and his 5 children are victims of over 10 years of extreme “Parental Alienation,” corruption at Child Protective Services (CPS), Child Support Enforcement (CSE), and local, state and federal law enforcement, and “case fixing” and other injustices in family law and the criminal justice system. And, in addition, like tens-of-thousands of other victims in the United States, the members of his family are also victims of “misprision of felony,” obstruction of justice and other crimes by the highest authorities of all three branches of government in Colorado and Minnesota, and by some high-authorities in Washington D.C. too, who know all about the abuses but just look the other way.

The Alliance’s mission, and nearly everything that the Alliance will do, is focused on assisting victims in obtaining justice in the civil and criminal justice systems.

If you are here because you believe that you or a loved one may be a victim, understand from the start: You are not alone. There are millions of victims in the United States. At this very moment, there are tens-of-thousands of alienated parents and abused children suffering the results of parental alienation, “noncustodial” parents (and their children) suffering the results of jacked up child support orders and judicial and administrative denials of requests for modification, criminal defendants (and their children) suffering the results of the case fixing in the criminal justice system, CPS victims (and their children) suffering the results of child kidnappings, forced adoptions, and case fixing in the foster care and adoption programs, crime victims (and their children) suffering the results of misprision of felony, criminal negligence, obstruction of justice and other serious crimes by officials who refuse to do their duties and knowingly look the other way, and on and on.

How can this happen in America?
Racketeers — ostensibly known as “bureaucrats” — have taken control of many of our courts and government offices and are operating them like a mafia. With taxpayer money, they payoff Congress and state lawmakers to rig legislation, they payoff judges to fix court cases, they payoff prosecutors to pad charges and frame even innocent people, they payoff law enforcement to make false arrests and doctor evidence, they payoff CPS to steal children from fit parents for the foster care and adoption funding, they payoff CSE to block modification of child support orders and to refuse their administrative services to noncustodial parents, they payoff County Commissioners and Attorney Generals and other high-officials to look the other way, and they payoff everyone to obstruct justice when victims fight back.

So, what can be done?
The Alliance, which will hopefully grow to millions of members when the word gets out, will teach victims how to exercise their rights and represent themselves in legal matters. Members will have access to checklists, referral lists, sample letters, sample complaints, and many other tools to assist them in obtaining crime victim services and other services in the criminal justice system and in ‘building’ their civil cases to seek money damages for their families. Members will also have access to local volunteers and will be able to network locally, regionally and nationally, to obtain whatever information they need to face most legal matters.

In the future, depending the Alliance’s growth, neglected* victims — *after first reporting to local law enforcement — will be able to access specialized forms, fill out formal criminal complaints and affidavits, and upload evidence into a database, from the comfort of their homes. The Alliance (and THE PEOPLE’S BRANCH) will be striving to expose and oust the criminals from our government and establish good working relationships with the courts and local law enforcement; will be looking forward to the day when there are no longer any neglected crime victims in America; and will be working diligently to end parental alienation, CPS and CSE corruption, and case fixing and other injustices.

What can victims do?
Become a member! If you can’t afford it, ask a friend or relative to sponsor you (you are going to want a few friends and relatives in your camp anyway, as you exercise your rights – there is strength in numbers). Fill out the Victims‘ form below or in your membership account. And frequent your account as this site is being built, learn from the educational materials being added, write a paragraph or two to describe the crimes committed against you (this is a very good exercise for everyone, as it forces you to stick to the facts and be brief and to the point – research and practice writing short, concise sentences), gather your evidence, and begin putting your case together.

And, if you know other victims, please direct them to this page, or if you belong to support groups on Facebook or any other social media site, please share this page far and wide.

Parental Alienation

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Parental Alienation usually happens during and after divorce or separation. It is child abuse against the child(ren) and, according to the law in many states, it is domestic violence against the ex-spouse or partner. And those who engage in it should be arrested and prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law.

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CPS Corruption

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Child Protective Services, in many parts of the United States, has become a criminal organization, which conspires and kidnaps children from fit parents, to place in foster care and up for adoption, for profit. Corrupt CPS officials are easy to spot and should be ousted from office and brought to justice.

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Injustice comes in many forms, but almost always involves some form of “case fixing.” For example, nearly every divorce in America is “fixed” in one or more ways to benefit the state and the county and their bureaucrats. Most criminal cases are also fixed. And millions of Americans have been ripped off in our judicial system.

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Special Note to Witnesses:

The Alliance was made for victims, but it will be witnesses who will be most responsible for the Alliance’s success.

In all civil and criminal matters, the plaintiff or the state offers evidence at trial to prove the facts of their case. Evidence can be documentary, such as a letter, or it can be physical, such as a picture or a weapon, or it can be testimonial, such as an eye-witness account. In any case, witnesses authenticate documents, verify ownership and use of physical evidence, and corroborate facts with eye-witness testimony.

Witnesses will be key in proving most of our member’s cases, especially in those alleging official misconduct, where victims are often turned away to help the official in avoiding the charges they deserve. Witnesses will not only help victims obtain investigations of criminal misconduct, but will also help victims obtain compensation for their injuries in their civil actions.

If you have witnessed an act of parental alienation, CPS corruption, injustice, or any other violation of rights, whether it be civil or criminal in nature, please step forward with your evidence.

Your care of the victims and of our cause is greatly appreciated.  

Victims Form:




I believe I am a victim of:Briefly describe the crimes: (just a few sentences, so we can categorize; you’ll go into detail when you are building your case)

Witness Form:




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