January 14, 2017


In a Nutshell:

The vision for Pro Se Alliance is:

1.   To ensure justice for all Americans;
2.  To assist the poor, victims of injustice, neglected crime victims, and other oppressed groups, in accessing and exercising their rights in the civil and criminal justice systems;
3.  To end “Parental Alienation” and other forms of child abuse and domestic violence by custodial parents and government officials following divorce or separation;

Our Vision4.   To end “forced adoptions” and other criminal misconduct by Child Protective Services;
5.  To end “case fixing,” racketeering, and other criminal misconduct by officers of our fam
ily courts and criminal courts;
6.  To end the obstruction of justice, criminal negligence and other forms of governmental abuse by local, state and federal law enforcement;
7.  To expose, investigate, and sue the government officials and offices involved in the criminal misconduct or who knowingly look the other way;

8.   To take back our courts and government offices from the hands of the corrupt; and
9.   To restore the Rule of Law in the United States.

Our Vision, in detail:

Our vision goes even further than our mission.

The founder foresees an Alliance of millions of non-attorneys, victims of injustice, crime victims, moms, dads, children, whole families, friends and relatives, patriots, wrongly disbarred lawyers, disgruntled government employees, groups, businesses, and many others in all walks of life, coming together to peaceably take back our courts and government offices, to restore the Rule of Law in the United States, and to help each other assert our rights and obtain justice for ourselves, for our families, for our communities, and for our nation.

To make this possible, donations are sought of money, time, expertise, office equipment, law books, vehicles, facilities, and all other items imaginable, tax-deductible or not (please email us  at contact@prosealliance.org if you would like to donate a tangible item).

To ensure that the Alliance is successful in its mission, we, its supporters and beneficiaries and other members, including you, will “pay-it-forward” in whatever way we can: if we learn something, we will teach others; if we are shown how to obtain crime victim services, we will help others apply for the same, if members attend our hearings, we will be “court watchers” for others; and so forth. And all of us will spread the word and help promote the Alliance.

Both Pro Se Alliance and THE PEOPLE’S BRANCH will be predominantly volunteer organizations, and will be closely aligned in their missions. THE PEOPLE’S BRANCH will strive to be a one-call government troubleshooter and the Alliance will assist the public in exercising their rights and getting what they need from our government. Members will be able to contact either organization for help with any neglected* non-emergency matter (*after reporting the matter to the proper authorities). Here are a few examples of how the nonprofits will work together in the future:

  • A noncustodial mother is being denied contact and parenting time with her children. She reported it to local law enforcement and brought it to the attention of the court, but instead of helping, the officers of the court and law enforcement seem to be sponsoring it, and her ex-husband is actually increasing his effort to “alienate” her from their children. She hears about Project #1 at THE PEOPLE’S BRANCH and enters her name on the nationwide list of victims of injustice. She learns that “Parental Alienation” is considered a form of child abuse and/or domestic violence in many states. She looks up her state’s statutes and, on the belief that her ex-husband’s alienation tactics are crimes in her state, she again reports the abuses to her local sheriff and CPS office, who are now fully aware of the USDOJ’s nationwide investigation spurred by TPB’s Project #1. The next day, her oldest child calls and says that, even though it’s dad’s parenting time, he and the younger kids want to be picked up for ice cream that evening, will be returning their mother’s messages and texts from now on, and will not be participating in dad’s ‘pranks’ anymore. Case closed.

  • A noncustodial father has been denied contact and parenting time with his children for several weeks. He reports the abuses to THE PEOPLE’S BRANCH and is referred to a local volunteer. His situation is out-of-control and so a case is opened for him at both organizations. He wants to follow the process and becomes a member of the Alliance. Following the checklist in his PSA account, he reports the abuses to his local sheriff and CPS office and documents the names of the officers who took his complaint. He follows up repeatedly, but no one at either office responds. Following the checklist again and using PSA’s sample letters, he writes to the sheriff and the CPS director requesting investigations, but neither office responds. THE PEOPLE’S BRANCH then writes to the sheriff and the CPS director to put both offices on notice of legal action if they continue to deny the father’s rights, but neither responds. Using what he has learned, the father files suit to compel the investigations, and finds during discovery that his ex-wife is related to a deputy, a CPS caseworker and one of the clerks at the court, but, just before he is able to bring his findings to the attention of the court, his case is wrongly dismissed without cause or reason. The Alliance files suit on behalf of the father and the community.

  • A local CPS caseworker takes a young child away from a fit and loving mother. The mother becomes a member of the Alliance and begins ‘building’ her case, following the examples on the Alliance’s website. Because of the seriousness of the situation, volunteer members of THE PEOPLE BRANCH and Pro Se Alliance are working with her on her case and the mother is able to watch the progress in her account. The mother reaches out to her friends and relatives for support, and several respond to help her with letter writing campaigns and such, and to attend her hearings. One of her friends does her own investigation and finds that several other fit mothers have had their children taken by this office, allegedly just for the federal funding in the foster care and adoption programs. The Alliance obtains funding, deposit, and disbursement records under the Freedom of Information Act and discovers that for years the caseworker and others in her office had been engaging in forced adoptions, had been padding their numbers, and had been skimming from their funding. Using what she has learned, the mother discloses her friend’s and the Alliance’s discoveries just before the first hearing. On the courthouse steps, with her family and friends around her, CPS gives the mother her child back. The mother files suit, pro se, for money damages, and a jury awards her and her child $100,000.00 each in compensatory damages and $1,000,000.00 each in punitive damages.

  • A divorced mother loses her job, and contacts her local child support office to modify her child support obligation. The Child Support Enforcement (CSE) Office ignores her request. She is still unemployed six-months later and requests modification again, but nothing happens. She becomes a member of Pro Se Alliance and learns about the federally-mandated review, adjustment, and modification processes on PSA’s website, and about the local procedures in the PSA’s forum. A year after her initial request, she hand-delivers a notarized Request for Administrative Review and Adjustment of her support obligation. Thirty days later, she receives a formal determination by the local CSE office to reduce her obligation from $1050.00 per month to $50.00 per month (the minimum in her state) during her unemployment. She sues, pro se, for money damages, and a judge orders the CPS office to credit the mother’s child support account in the amount of $13,000.00 for the delay and to pay the children $1000.00 per month during the mother’s unemployment.

  • A divorced father discovered that the divorce judge “imputed” an impossible income for him in the child support calculations resulting in a monthly child support order that was more than he was earning at the time, and that the judge failed to otherwise follow the child support guidelines at all, either of which automatically rendered the order null and void and unenforceable by operation of law. He contacted his local CSE office to review, adjust and modify his child support obligation, but nothing happened. He wrote to the county’s and state’s highest authorities, but no one responded. During this time, without due process, the CSE office levied his bank accounts (and his children’s trust account), ruined his credit and suspended his driver’s license. Over the next several years, the father repeatedly requested modification of his support order and reconciliation of his child support account, but to no avail. He filed suit against the CSE office and won by default when the CSE office failed to answer his complaint, but the judge dismissed his case to prevent the jury trial for damages. He became a member of Pro Se Alliance, and offered the Alliance a contingency fee of 20% of the jury award in the current case once paid and 33% of any winnings in his family’s future cases. At a special meeting of the board of directors, the Alliance agreed to pursue the current case and to look at the others on a case-by-case basis. The Alliance filed two lawsuits: one against the judicial district for default judgment in favor of the father and money damages for the delay, and one against the CSE office for the relief by a jury, as demanded in the father’s complaint. The court immediately pronounced default judgment and settled on fair and reasonable damages for the delay, but the CSE office refused to settle, which resulted in a very punitive jury award in favor of the father and his children and the local community.   

  • A criminal defendant, who had been railroaded into jail on a false charge, discovered an enormous racketeering scheme being perpetuated in his area by judges, clerks, prosecutors, public defenders, sheriff deputies and investigators, and many others, all working together to “fix” court cases and fill up the local jail, by padding charges and even framing innocent people on false charges, by criminalizing noncustodial parents on false charges of domestic violence, by frustrating the efforts of child support ‘debtors’ to modify their child support and then prosecuting them for failure to pay child support, and by many other schemes, all designed to maximize federal funding under the various criminal justice system programs, from which they had been lining their own pockets for years. In addition to stealing from American taxpayers, the racketeers had also found all sorts of ways to extort cash from unsuspecting defendants. He calculated that tens-of-thousands of criminal defendants in that judicial district had been over-charged, over-fined, over-sentenced, over-paroled, over-‘treated’ and otherwise ripped off in the criminal justice system, and that hundreds-of-millions of dollars had been stolen from taxpayers and extorted from criminal defendants. He reported the crimes to state and federal law enforcement and to the highest authorities in his state, but no one did a thing, so he reported the matter to THE PEOPLE’S BRANCH, who notified the Alliance. Both organizations opened cases, began investigating and exposed the scandal on their websites. Similar complaints and accounts poured in, first from all around the state, then all across the country. Volunteers banded together nationwide to take back our judicial system from the bureaucrats who had seized it decades ago and were operating it like a mafia. The directors of Pro Se Alliance estimate that there will be tens-of-thousands of lawsuits filed by wronged criminal defendants and that the Alliance will file hundreds of its own suits on behalf of the people of the most wronged jurisdictions, seeking some or all of the funding of each corrupt court and office, which will be safeguarded for them by THE PEOPLE’S BRANCH while the racketeers are ousted from office and prosecuted for their crimes.

  • THE PEOPLE’S BRANCH and Pro Se Alliance will be working together and with hundreds of other organizations, businesses and groups to restore the Rule of Law in the United States.

The foregoing will only work, though, with a large nationwide network of volunteers and advocates who are unselfishly working for the good of all. There is enormous strength in numbers. Today, there are thousands of groups vying for awareness of and solutions to their problems, nearly all of which are caused by some form of injustice that exists in our country. If all groups were to band together under a common banner, such as “THE PEOPLE’S BRANCH,” their causes would have a much better chance at success.

This may be the best, and last, opportunity to take back our country from the bureaucrats. Join the Alliance today!