July 20, 2015


Website Designer300w

As you can see, the current designer (the founder) is not very talented in this area! The Alliance needs an experienced designer to refine this website and teach the founder how to maintain it. The site will be fairly basic in the beginning, but, as the membership grows, we may need one or more databases and other sophisticated appurtenances. Unless you want to donate your time to this cause, this will be a paid service provider position, and you will be the first compensated, when funds become available. If interested, please send a resume in your form submission.


Social Media Promoters300w

We are hoping that hundreds of members will fulfill their “duty” to promote the Alliance by sharing our posts on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and other social media sites, by pasting “Proud Member of the Alliance” and other tags on your posts, and by whatever other means you can promote it. In the future, the Alliance will have its own proprietary items, such as books and T-shirts, and plans to sell related items for our affiliates and premium members; and at that time, members who did the best job of promoting the Alliance will be able to market these items for commissions.


Teenage Girl Visits Doctor's Office Suffering With Depression

These volunteers will be the stars of the Alliance! They will respond to requests for help by victims and the poor in their communities, and will provide further assistance to members. Many of these volunteers will also be service providers, such as paralegals and process servers, and will be able to offer and promote their services through the Alliance. When THE PEOPLE’S BRANCH is up and running, local advocates with both organizations will work together — see Our Vision for examples. These volunteers will be first in line for directorships and salaried positions in both organizations.



Legal researchers are needed to compile case law for the Alliance and its members, in most subject matters and in all 50 states. Any member can volunteer to do legal research for the cause. Premium members who are professional researchers will be able to offer and advertise their services. If the membership grows as big as anticipated, we will select and pay researchers to teach the Alliance how to do their own research, how to verify and ‘Shepard’ case law, and how to write effective legal arguments. The founder is also searching for one or more legal researchers to compile case law for his family’s cases.



The Alliance and the founder and many members will be seeking experienced document drafters to write complaints, motions, briefs and other documents for their cases. As the membership grows, the Alliance will need document drafters in the various states where there is demand; the founder will need drafters in Colorado, Minnesota and Washington D.C.; and these document drafters will receive a piece of the action in any successful suit in which they participate, or will be able to negotiate their own deal at the time of service.


Process Server

If you are a process server, or want to be one in your jurisdiction, please become a Premium Member and fill out the form below to get on our referral list. This is an excellent opportunity for members to volunteer for the cause, or to supplement their income. The Alliance will eventually need process servers all across the United States; the founder will need process servers in Colorado, Minnesota and Washington D.C.; and most members will need a process server in their area.



If you are a private investigator, or want to be one in your state, please become a Premium Member and fill out the form below to get on our referral list. Investigators will play key roles for the Alliance and for THE PEOPLE’S BRANCH, and will be first in line for positions at, and contracts with, both organizations. The founder will also need private investigators in Colorado, Minnesota and Washington D.C.



All directors at Pro Se Alliance and THE PEOPLE’S BRANCH, at least in the beginning, are volunteers! The bylaws of Pro Se Alliance call for at least 15 directors (3 for each mission), and the bylaws of THE PEOPLE’S BRANCH will call for a local director in each of the 3134 counties of the United States, 50 of which will make up the national board of directors. Directors will manage the overall direction of both organizations and oversee the fulfillment of their missions. Directorships at Pro Se Alliance will be filled by members who have demonstrated advocacy for one of more of the Alliance’s missions. Members can nominate themselves or any other member.

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In the near future, we will also need volunteers to moderate the Alliance’s forums, to administer our Facebook page, to produce “memes” and articles, and for many other tasks, and we will periodically post these tasks on this page. If you are an advocate for any cause related to our missions — such as awareness of “Parental Alienation” or CPS corruption or the need for family law reform — volunteering to do one of these tasks would be an excellent opportunity to get the word out to the masses about your cause.

Thank you in advance for volunteering! And may God bless all those who support the Alliance in any way!